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A Safer Community, Safer Queensland

Crime Stoppers Queensland is a registered charity and community run organisation that is supported by local volunteers across the state. We are committed to make a safer Queensland for our communities.

National Firearms Amnesty

Register or Surrender All Firearms

Unregistered Firearms are a threat to our community safety. Learn how you can take advantage of the National Firearm Amnesty to anonymously surrender or register your firearms.


Crime Stoppers Day

Not All Heroes Wear Capes - Report What You Know and be a Community Hero.

Firearms Amnesty

Help take Unregistered Firearms Off the Street

From July 1 2021 you can take advantage of the National Firearms Amnesty to register or surrender your unwanted or unregistered firearms.

Brisbane River Image

Partnership with Brisbane City Council

Learn about the difference Brisbane City Council is making to keeping our Capital City safe.

Australian parents and child on a scooter outdoors

We have a Team of Over 400 Volunteers

The success of Crime Stoppers in Queensland is largely owing to the committees of volunteers all over Queensland who ensure that you know who to call.

We're a registered charity

We're a community organisation that rely on your funding and volunteers to deliver results to the community.

Make a Report.

Reporting is confidential - we only need your information to solve the crime, not your name.

Anonymous community members